Winter and Christmas

Winter sunrise in Bavaria

Sunrise on a Bavarian trail in winter.

Bavaria in winter

Winter in Bavaria

Bavaria in winter

Winter in Bavaria

Schwangau in winter

Waltenhofen, part of the municipality of Schwangau

landhaus Kossel

Landhaus Kössel just outside Füssen, is our home base for this tour.

Bavaria in winter

Back yard of the Landhaus

Neuschwanstein on a winter morning

Neuschwanstein,  Ludwig's first castle, on a winter morning

Neuschwanstein in winter

Viewing Neuschwanstein from Mary's Bridge

Hohenschwangau Castle in winter

Hohenschwangau Castle, Ludwig II's boyhood home, in winter

Tour group at Linderhof Palace

Christmas Markets Tour group at Linderhof Palace, Ludwig II's second creation

Munich Christmas tree

Munich Christmas tree

Innsbruck Christmas lights

Innsbruck Christmas lights

Innsbruck at Christmas

Innsbruck at Christmas

Innsbruck Christmas Market

Innsbruck Christmas Market

Fusssen at Christmas

Füssen downtown in winter

Kempten Christmas Market

Kempten Christmas Market

Castles and Palaces

Nymphenburg Palace

Schloss Nymphenburg, Ludwig's birthplace in Munich

Nymphenburg Palace interior

Nymphenburg entrance hall interior, royal summer home from 1664

Nymphenburg Palace gardens

Nymphenburg Palace back gardens

Hohenschwangau Castle

Schloss Hohenschwangau overlooks the village of Hohenschwangau

Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle, seen from Neuschwanstein

Hohenschwangau Castle entrance

Hohenschwangau Castle entrance

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein, Ludwig's first castle, was built between 1869 and 1886.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle was designed by Christian Jank, a theatrical set designer.

Neuschwanstein - helicopter wide shot

Neuschwanstein sits on its own height of land at the base of Mount Tegelberg.

Neuschwanstein - helicopter view from the north

The helicopter provides a rare view of the castle – the view from the north.

Neuschwanstein - helicopter view from above

This top view reveals the audacity of the architecture of Neuschwanstein.

Lindehof Palace

Linderhof Castle (Schloss Linderhof), Ludwig's Baroque palace

Lindehof Palace

Linderhof, built 1870 - 1879

Lindehof architecture

Linderhof architecture

Terraced Hill and Venus Temple at Lindehof Palace

Linderhof - Terraced Hill and Venus Temple

Herrenchiemsee Palace

Herrenchiemsee Palace, on an island in Lake Chiemsee

Communities and Regional Highlights

Hopfen am See, Bavaria

Hopfen am See, a "suburb" of Füssen, is home to Landhaus Kössel.

Bavarian Alps

Back yard view of the Alps from the Landhaus

Flowers at Oberammergau

Oberammergau is famous as home of the Passion Play.

Christkindlmarkt in Oberammergau

Christkindlmarkt, an Oberammergau Christmas store


Wieskirche, The Church in the Meadow, UNESCO Heritage Site

Wieskirche interior

Wieskirche – Rococo interior

Bad Tolz street

Main street of the historic medieval town of Bad Tölz

Munich skyline

Munich, capital of Bavaria and Germany's 3rd-largest city (metro 6 million)

Marienplatz is Munich

Marienplatz is Munich's central square, dominated by the Rathaus (city hall).

Munich City Hall

Munich City Hall's animated Glockenspiel entertains tourists three times a day.

Innsbruck's Golden Roof

Innsbruck's Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl in German) was built in 1500.

Innsbruck's Golden Roof

Innsbruck's Golden Roof consists of 2657 fire-gilded copper tiles.