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Pictures of Previous River Castles Tour Groups and Participants

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September 2014 Tour

At Porta Nigra, Trier

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July 2013 Tour

July 2013 group

At Rothenburg

At Marksburg Castle

September 2012 Tour

At Heidelberg Castle



July 2012 Tour

On the ferry

At Rüdesheim

At Burg Eltz

Looking out over Koblenz

Relaxing in the shade at Ehrenbreitstein

Dining in a wine cellar

July 2011 Tour

Off on a Rhine cruise from Boppard

Navigating around the Loreley Rock

Below Marksburg Castle

September 2010 Tour

At Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle

Old Stone Bridge, Heidelberg

September 2009 Tour

2009 River Castles Tour group

Traditional dinner

Traditional dinner

October 2008 Tour

Overlooking the Rhine, Rudesheim

Farewell Dinner

July 2007 Tour

Welcome.  Astrid proposes a toast.

Guten Apetit!

Fun and games in Rudesheim

Being told tales about Rheinfels

A guide, an historian, and an entertainer

At Rheinfels

K-D Line sent a boat just for us!

Cruising.  Dinner on the Rhine.

Good times

At Rothenburg ob der Tauber's wall

Astrid in the Residence Garden, Wurzburg

Back to the airport

June 2006 Tour

Dinner at Rheinfels

Rheinfels, overlooking the Rhine

At the Rhine Gorge

Town square at Eberbach

Eberbach, on the Castle Road

Dinner at Eberbach

A Heidelberg Castle Photo Tradition – 2000, 2007, and 2012 
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September 2000 -
first Rivers tour at
Heidelberg Castle

July 2007 River Castles
 Tour group at
Heidelberg Castle

September 2012
Rivers Castles Tour group
at Heidelberg Castle


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