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The special email links on this page are for comments that we can share with potential guests or with our staff.
For personal and private communications, please see our Contact page.

To send us comments about your tour ...


Our tours are promoted primarily by people who have travelled with us, were pleased or impressed, and tell their friends.  Some write to us with comments which we are allowed to post on the References page of this website.  These comments give visitors a sense of what past guests have liked most.

If you include a personal photo from your tour with your comments, it will provide context, connecting your comments to their source, and enhance its authenticity.

You can use the email link below to send us comments about your tour.  Please include the name of the tour, the month, your name or names or initials, and some information about where you live –  city if you wish, state or province or country.  You can attach a photo or document to the email, or you can send a photo separately with identification.

These mails go both to Astrid Baur and to our website shop.

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To send us group photos ...


The In Depth sections of our main tour description pages all have links to Groups photo pages.  Here we post contributed group photos, with the most recent tours at the top.  Example: Bavarian Castles Tour Groups page.

You can use the email link below to send us group photos for these pages.  Please indicate the tour, month, and some identifying information so that we can add an appropriate caption. 

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To send us comments about this website ...


Please use the email link below to report any problems you encounter with this website, to tell us which features you find useful (nor not), and to make suggestions.  Thanks for your help.

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